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A goniophotometer measures light emitted from a source at different angles. Meture Goniophotometers are able to measure both the angle-dependent optical quantities and the overall performance of a light source, lamp or luminaire. This includes luminous intensity distribution, beam angle, Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP), total luminous flux and beam flux, and can also provide IESNA-formatted photometric data (IES files). Goniophotometers are among the most important photometric instruments, especially for LED products, due to the requirement for absolute photometry.

Metrue offers several types of Goniophotometers to meet the requirements of both professional accredited labs and manufacturing testing. All of our instruments have high measurement accuracy, repeatability, and are easy to use.
MGO-300R Goniophotometer & Goniospectroradiometer
The MGO-300R is a type C goniophotometer that fully meets the requirements of both LM-75 and LM-79 IES standar...
MGO-200H Goniophotometer & Goniospectroradiometer
MGO-200H can realize both CIE B-β and C-γ measurement solutions which are the most widely applied measurement ...
MGO-100A Automotive & Signal Goniophotometer
The MGO-100A is a Type A goniophotometer, ideal for automotive and other vehicle lighting and signal lights. I...
SSA-3A: Speed Spectral Analyzer for Reflex
SSA-3A Speed Spectral Analyzer for Reflex is designed to measure the photometric characteristics of reflex(inc...
LST-600 Goniophotometer
LST-600 LED Spatial Testing System is an automatic measurement system for photometric, radiometric and electri...