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A goniophotometer is used to measure both the angle-dependent optical quantities and the overall performance of a light source, lamp or luminaire. The available quantities include luminous intensity distribution, beam angle, CBCP, total luminous flux and beam flux, and can also generate IES files, etc.. It is one of the most important photometric instrument, especially for LED products, which has high demands and requirements on absolute photometry.

Metrue has several types of goniophotometers to fulfill the demands of not only professional accredited labs but also labs of manufacturers. All the machines have high measurement accuracy, convenient operation experience and further nice appearance.
MGO-300R Goniophotometer & Goniospectrometer
MGO-300R is a type C goniophotometer and fully meets the requirements of LM-75 and LM-79, etc.. It is speciall...
MGO-200H Goniophotometer & Goniospectrometer
MGO-200H can realize both CIE B-β and C-γ measurement solutions which are most widely applied in industrial la...
MGO-100A Automotive & Signal Goniophotometer
MGO-100A is a Type A goniophotometer, which is ideal for automotive and other vehicle lights as well as signal...