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LED Packages
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Integrating spectroradiometer system

Metrue provides professional test & measurement instrument solutions for LED packages. Featured high accuracy & convenient-operation, the individual instruments and the overall systems are available.

The applicable LED packages includes high-power, medium-power and small-power LEDs, and the types includes DIP, SMD, COB, S-COB, etc.  

Meets the specifications of CIE and IES standards, eg. CIE 127, LM-79, LM-85.

The system provides quick measurement of Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), luminous flux, luminous efficacy, chromaticity coordinate (x,y), (u’, v’), Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Peak Wavelength, Dominant Wavelength, Color Rendering Index (CRI), Standard Deviation of Color Matching(SDCM) and so on, as well as the electrical quantities like forward voltage, forward current, reverse voltage, reverse current etc..

The users can choose the pulse or DC measurement mode according to different application.

Main System Composition: 

- HPA-300/400High Performance Array Spectroradiometer

- IG-50s Integrating Sphere

- LPS-300 Programmable LED Test Power Supply

EMC testers

As a semiconductor device, LEDs are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference, especially the ESD (Electro-Static discharge). Metrue can provide a series of instrument for the EMC immunity test.

ITI-2030 ESD Generator 

Conform to the standards as IEC 61000-4-2, ISO 10605, MIL-STD-883E, etc..

ITI-2030 ESD Generator is used for evaluating the electrostatic immunity performance of electrical and electronic equipments by simulating the real electrostatic discharges. The maximum ESD voltage is up to 30 kV and meets the most severity level requirements of the standards. Equipped with different modules or discharge guns, ITI-2030 can realize different ESD test modes.


Other EMC testers

ITI-5006 Surge Generator

ITI-4004 EFT Generator

ITI-1100 Voltage Dips and Interruptions Generator