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Integrating Sphere Systems
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Integrating Sphere
The IG series integrating sphere is designed especially for taking precise measurements of radiant power and luminous flux of the light sources or luminaires. The interior coating adopts high-reflectance materials and a special painting technique which ensure long term durability and chemical stability.

 An Integrating Sphere system usually includes:

    Integrating Sphere  
    AC Power Supply: (Only 1.0m diameter sphere and larger)
    DC Power Supply   
    Cabinet-1500: (only 1.0m diameter sphere and larger)
    HPA-300/400 high performance array spectroradiometer   



    High Reflectivity and Long-Term Stability: An evenly distributed coating with a reflectance of 98% in the visible range
    Rotatable Sphere Body and/or Multiple Mounting Points: The 0.5m sphere are capable of rotating to different orientations for the light source; larger spheres are capable of mounting the light source in different places for the same functionality; both are capable of 2π and 4π measurements
    Correction for Self-Absorption: An auxiliary lamp is provided with the sphere for self-absorption calibration
    Temperature Measurement: Each sphere is equipped with a thermometer for temperature measurement inside the sphere