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Power Meters
DP-300 Digital Power Meter
The DP-300 digital power meter offers several key advantages such as a variety of measurement functions and wideband measurement capability. It can be used to measure voltage, current, power consumption, frequency and power factor for both electrical and electronic products.

Measurable Quantities

    Voltage: RMS, mean, DC, and peak value
    Current: RMS, mean, DC, and peak value
    Power: Active (W), Reactive (var), and apparent (VA)
    Power Factor            
    Crest Factor              
    Phase Angle         
    Integral Function: Calculates the consumed electricity and energy in a preset time interal
    Harmonic Analysis Function: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and 2nd – 50th sub-harmonic of fundamental frequencies from 20Hz – 2.5kHz.
    Scaling Function: When used with an external voltage and current transformer the scale data can be preset
    Averaging Function: The DP-300 can average unstable signals
    Filtering Function: 500Hz and 5kHz low pass, linear, and zero crossing are included
    Computing Function: Computes and displays crest factor (CF, apparent power (VA), reactive power (var), power factor (PF), and phase angle (deg) by using the measuring values of voltage, current, and active power
    Voltage Fluctuation/Flicker Measuring Functions (Optional): Measures voltage fluctuations and flicker in accordance with IEC 61000-3-3