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SIM-2 Spectral Irradiance Meter
The SIM-2 spectral irradiance meter brings you a fresh experience of light measurement in the mobile era. As an easy-to-use handheld device, it offers powerful functions and good reliability. You can accurately acquire multiple data with a single touch and easily synchronize them to PC via USB or Wifi.

Measureable Items

Spectral power distribution P(λ) 

Spectral Irradiance E(λ)

Illuminance E and Irradiance Ee

Chromaticity Coordinates: (x, y), (u, v), (u', v')

Color rendering index (CRI) and R1~R14

Scopic and photopic ratio (S/P)

Standard deviation of color matching (SDCM)

IES EVE illuminance

More quantities can be available and please contact us to get more information. 




  1. Portable field measurement: compact size with 4.3''LCD display, all data acquired in milliseconds by one-touch, and 4G SD card for data storage.
  2. Multi-functional: acquire plentiful key quantities, and more application extensions available, e.g. Data comparison, multi-detectors, etc..
  3.  High accuracy for portable measurement: no V(λ) mismatch error and wide linearity dynamic range.
  4. Provide computer software for remote control and report print, communication with computer via USB and Wifi.
  5. Detachable detector for flexible operation, the detector and display communicate via USB of Bluetooth.