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SIM-2 Spectral Irradiance Meter

Metrue has developed a portable spectrometer, SIM-2, for use in everyday field workand quality control done by quality engineers and other professionals. As an easy-to-use, handheld device, it offers powerful functions and good reliability. You can acquire accurate data quickly with a single touch. Then those measurements can be easily uploaded to a PC via USB or Wi-Fi.


Metrue also has the SIM-2 Plus. The SIM-2 plus is an upgraded version of the SIM-2. Equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth, the SIM-2 plus facilitates remote measurement and data transmission which is very useful for locations hard or hazardous to reach. Most importantly, the SIM-2 Plus enhances the sensitivity and range of illuminance measurements by 2 magnitudes, i.e., 0.1lx to 200klx.


 The SCLA-300 is a high accuracy spectral radiance meter capable of taking measurements of very low luminance. Its variable aperture allows for the ability to change the measurement field size, meaning that it can measure many different sized objects. It is portable and can be remotely controlled via USB or wireless making it ideal for both lab and field applications.

ILM-2C Image Luminance Meter

 The ILM-2C image luminance meter utilizes a CCD in order to take the luminance of every pixel in an image. It is perfect for applications in which the luminance to be measured will vary greatly and in which multiple points must be taken or in which the zonal luminance and total average luminance is important. Image luminance meters can also be used in glare measurement,  street and area lighting.