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MGO-100A Automotive & Signal Goniophotometer

The MGO-100A is a type A goniometer designed specifically for automotive & signal lights. Type A goniometers are ideal for highly directional light sources such as headlights. The MGO-100A can precisely characterize the radiometric and photometric properties of a light source. It is an intelligent design that not only ensures high accuracy, but also simplifies the complicated process of preforming automotive light measurements.


Fully complies with SAE standards: J584, J131, J593, J1383

SSA-3A: Speed Spectral Analyzer for Reflex

SSA-3A Speed Spectral Analyzer for Reflex designed to measure the photometric characteristics of reflex (including reflector panels and reflectance materials). Utilizing advanced beam path design and speed comparison photometry, the system irradiates and measures the reflex the identical optical ais. It meets the requirement of Europe Unicom ECE R3 and other international standards.